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Excipients: Inorganic Excipients for Pharmaceuticals

Spirochem offers various Inorganic Fine chemicals and Excipients for pharmaceuticals. Excipients are the Raw material in the pharmaceutical formulation, which do not have any biological and physiological action on the body and which is not an Active Ingredients. Still, the quality of the Excipients and it's impurity profile may harm human body. Considering the same, we offer the purest and premium quality of Pharmaceutical Excipients.

we also have customized blends and ready to use mixtures of Excipients, whare the formulation manufacturer has to add only Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and the finish formulation is ready to use and pack.

our range of products includes:

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Spirochem believes in building everlasting, rewarding relationship with its employees and clients alike that has strong foundation on higher standard of quality, trust, reliability and transparency in the conduct of the business, which leads to mutual growth.

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