social Responsibilty by Spirochem

Social Responsibility –CSR

We contribute to the well being of people by introducing sustainable measures and providing support to resources preservation. We believe in delivering benefits direct to the society.

Water Conservation -Supporting Hatgehgar Water conservation project by educating people, supporting to conserve more water and guiding employment development on the basis contributing up-gradation of livelihood, enriching soil and reducing carbon emission.

Plantation- Plantation of herbal plants to be used in biotech and enriching health nutrients and help in biotech projects, Bio- Pharmaceuticals and Ayurveda.

Vermicompost- Organic Fertilizers- Educating people/ local farmers. Installed own vermicompost small units at Bhoise village, near Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra to contribute drop in carbon emission, usage of chemical fertilizer and enriching soil by natural means, helping society to get access to chemical free foods, herbal medicine plants and food.

Making difference for community, though the community….